What Is The Purpose Of Charge Air Cooler?

- Dec 27, 2017-

From exhaust from engine used to compress the fresh air in the turbocharger, let the air charge in the engine under a pressuree higher then ambient.

The compression result in higher air temperature, so you can't supply to the engine directly, because it is beyond 

the limit.Therefore, installed a cooler in the engine to return air temperature to close to the ambient temperature. When the air is hot, its density is small, therefore, compared with the cold air, less into the engine's air quality.So the charge air cooler improved pressurized air's density and temperature.

Charge air cooler at the exit of compression of pressurized air will be reduced from about 200 degrees temperature to approximately 40 to 50 degrees temperature. Low air temperature will increase when the density of charge air at low temperature. Increasing intake air density will improve the efficiency of recycling, and allowed inside the engine cylinder compression greater amounts of air, to burn more fuel in the combustion chamber, increasing power. Engine and keep in a safe operating temperature. Low compression temperature reduces the piston, piston ring, cylinder liner and the stress on the cylinder head.Another advantage of charge air cooler is can reduce exhaust temperature.It has been proved that every c down to clear the air temperature will reduce exhaust temperature about 5 to 10 degrees.This does not mean that the air can charge the battery at low temperature.If very cold air into the cylinder liner, can lead to sudden thermal shock, and lead to broken cylinder liner.

Therefore, when the ship into the cold climate zone, charge air cooler could as a heater. Let us suppose that charge air cooler (LT) circuit cooling by fresh water.If the environment temperature is very low, usually in 30 degrees heating of fresh water will fill the air, make the engine become comfortable.