What Is The Refrigerator Condenser?

- Mar 08, 2018-

What is the refrigerator condenser?

Its role is to send high-pressure compressor, high-temperature refrigerant gas heat to the refrigerator outside the space. Refrigerant liquid cooling after liquefaction, changes into a high pressure and room temperature refrigerant liquid. 

Refrigerators have many forms of condensers. It can be divided into natural convection cooling and forced convection cooling according to the cooling method. Natural convection cooling utilizes the ambient air flowing naturally through the condenser's exterior, allowing the condenser's heat to dissipate heat. 

Forced convection cooling utilizes an electric fan that forces air to flow through the condenser's exterior to cool the condenser. Refrigerators more than 300L generally use forced convection condenser. Below 300L refrigerators generally use natural convection condensers.

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