What Is The Working Principle Of Plate Heat Exchanger?

- Mar 16, 2018-

Working principle of plate heat exchanger

The plate type heat exchanger is made up of concave and convex stainless steel plates formed by stamping forming; its assembly way is shown as shown in the diagram

Two adjacent panels Yamagata concavo convex lines 180 degrees opposite combination, two plates of convex ridge alignment machine

The contact point of the wrong transaction, when the contact point is combined with the vacuum welding, the plate type heat exchanger is built up

The interlaced channel system, which is the interlaced channel system, makes the fluid of the plate heat exchanger strong

The cause of the high heat transfer effect is high turbulence.

The flow of the working fluid in a plate heat exchanger is a cold fluid on one side of the flow channel and the lower flow channel

Take the hot fluid, and then take the cold fluid on the side of the channel. So the cold and cold hot and cold fluid is sufficient in the heat exchange

Heat exchange and bring the efficiency to the highest.