What Problems Will You Have During Air Preheater Working?

- Jan 04, 2018-

Common problems and treatment of air preheater during it's working

Air preheater is a kind of device used to conduct the heat and flue gas from boiler system.The application of air preheater can improve heat exchange performance of boiler system, so it is widely used in boiler system.There are some problems and problems in the operation of air preheater. The following are several common.

1.Vibration of air preheater

The air preheater is prone to vibration during operation, and the root of this problem lies in the design of the air preheater. Vibration problems shoule be considered when the air preheater is designed. Avoid air preheater vibration, need reasonable choice of air flow speed, or add vibration-proof plate along the air flow direction.

2.Blockinf ash of air preheater

Another common problem with the air preheater is the ash blocking.When the air presser is working, it will be exposed to the smoke of the boiler and the particles of dust that are carried by the boiler,Dust accumulation for a long time will form a plugging ash.At the same time, the air preheater can corrode the sulfur dioxide gas carried in the flue gas of the basic boiler, and the corrosion of the material will also form the putty of the air preheater.

The method of prevent air preheater to blockinging ash , it is in the air inlet with warm wind machine or use hot air recycling, and using the method of low oxygen combustion and adding additives, reducing the generation of sulfur dioxide in flue gas.In addition, the air preheater's periodic blow ash also has a great effect on keeping the air preheater cleaning.

3.Other problems with air preheater

Other common problems with air preheating are noise and air leakage. Air preheater dealing the problem of vibration with the antivibration clapboard, play a important role in reduce and eliminate the noise of the air preheater problems, and the air leakage problems of air preheater, need to improve the airtightness of air preheater from the design, operation and several aspects.