Where Is The Ac Condenser Located In A Car?

- Feb 05, 2018-

Where is the ac condenser located in a car?

1 "Car water tank" is a common name, the scientific name should be called "coolant radiator", just in front of the engine, close to the front of the car behind the wind grille (except rear engine). It is composed of the up water chamber, the down water chamber, the heat pipe and the heat pipe outside the tube. Engine on the water pump water into the water chamber, after cooling through the cooling pipe into the water chamber and then into the engine cycle.

2 Car air conditioning condenser is generally at the forefront, in order to drive the car by the oncoming wind to make the refrigerant in the pipeline cooling. Of course, do not rule out that some of the condenser is mounted on the side of the body. Some models such as Iveco.