Why It Need Condenser Coil Coating?

- Mar 02, 2018-

The condenser is one of the key devices in the refrigeration system. Statistics show that a large number of daily failures and accident repairs, about 60% is due to corrosion damage to the condenser pipe. Seriously affected the safety of production equipment, stable, full load operation. Due to the structure, material, use conditions and cooling 

water quality of condenser, the corrosion leakage of pipe bundle, nozzle and u bend. 

Condenser damage due to leakage, often forced the unit down load operation, or even shutdown, so the condenser corrosion protection is essential.

Vrcooler could produce condenser coil, evaporator coil, heat exchanger coil with epoxy coating, electrophoresis, E-coating, heresite coating, blygold coating, Phenolic resin, nano coating or other coatings for strongly corrosive environment.