Cold Evaporator unit

Cold Evaporator unit

Cold evaporator is a evaporator for cold room, is a heat exchanger equipment.
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Cold evaporator

Cold evaporator is a evaporator for cold room, is a heat exchanger equipment. The principle is that the low temperature and pressure liquid refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs heat on one side of the heat transfer wall of the evaporator so that the medium on the other side of the heat transfer wall is cooled and the medium to be cooled is usually water or air.

Cold evaporator classification

Cold evaporator can be divided into two categories:

1, Cooling liquid (water or brine) of the evaporator: this evaporator can be divided into horizontal shell and tube evaporator (refrigerant evaporation outside the tube is full of liquid refrigerant evaporation in the tube, said dry ), and riser-type cold water tank.

2, The cooling air evaporator: cold storage evaporator is this type. Can be divided into two categories:

One is the air to do the natural convection evaporative cold storage pipe, such as the row of pipes, top row of pipes, whice are widely used in the cold storage.usually made of riser, single-row snake, double-row snake, double row U-shaped tube or four rows U-tube type and other types;

The others is the air is forced to flow of the cold air cooler, cold room air evaporator is made of the box type, the air conditioning is usually used to make the ribbed tube cluster, in such a cold storage evaporator, refrigerant flow in the tube by differential pressure, liquid gravity or liquid pump pressure head, because the medium whiched is cooled is air, the air side heat transfer coefficient is low, so the evaporator heat transfer coefficient is low. In order to improve the heat transfer performance, it is often to increase the HTMD, heat transfer tubes plus ribs or increase the air velocity and other measures to achieve the goal.

Some of our project:

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Cold room evaporator

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Cold storage evaporator

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Glycol evaporator

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