Blast freezer Ammonia Evaporator

Blast freezer Ammonia Evaporator

Ammonia evaporator
Ammonia unit cooler
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Ammonia which is also called NH3, R717 a colorless gas, a strong stimulating odor, used as a refrigerant for refrigeration system.

Ammonia evaporator is suitable for varied food cold storage as following

Blast freezer

Carcass cooling

Fast cooling room

Poultry refrigeration

Fish frozen

Meat frozen

Dairy storage

Cheese storage

Fruit storage

Vegetables storage

Processed foods


Tube materialStainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel to stand it's working pressure
FinStainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper
FanAxial fan, aluminum or stainless steel
FrameGalvanized steel with power painting, stainless steel

Process of ammonia evaporator:


Packing for ammonia evaporator

packing for glycol air cooler.jpg

Normally we use plywooden packing for our ammonia unit cooler to protect it during shipment.

If you need special packing, please kindly check with us

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