Ceiling Evaporator

Ceiling Evaporator

Automatic welded. Energy efficient. Tailor made. Compact size. Easy to maintain
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Features of Ceiling evaporator

Fin Geometries : 25 x 21.65, 31.75 mm x 27.5 mm,  38.1x33, 50 mm x 50 mm

the finned coils are designed with fins spaced at 4 - 12 mm

Header inlet and outlet tube connections made of copper or stainless steel

The coil circuit are designed for refrigerants R404A, R507C, R22, R134A, R407C, ammonia, co2, glycol.

Refrigerant distributor.


Galvanized steel or stainless steel

Side panels are removable.

Hinged / Folding drain tray is standard for all models.

Intermediate drain tray.


Selection of a unit cooler with various fan number / diameter combinations offering the dimensional and air throw characteristics best adapted to the size of the cold room.

Standard or low noise level are available.

Different kinds of motors available as optional. (EC or AC)

Motor protection IP54 insulation class F.

Different kinds of accessories available as optional. (Axicool Fans, FlowGrid etc.)

Working conditions - 40°C /+ 50°C.


Air defrost

Hot water defrost

Electrical defrost




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