Cold Room Cooling Unit

Cold Room Cooling Unit

Widely used for small cold storage, medical cold storage, vegetable cold storage project, etc
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Cold room cooling unit shell using spray iron plate, food grade stainless steel or embossed aluminum plate, Cold room cooling unit from Vrcooler has large heat exchange, convenient and simple, highly corrosion-resistant, beautiful appearance, and many other advantages. Coil using patented technology of pipe in closed contact with fin to reduce the contact spacing to achieve the purpose of improving the heat transfer coefficient.


After anufacturering each unit have to go through a rigorous decontamination process to ensure the quality of the cleanliness of the system, Our Cold room cooling unit are all use highly efficient external rotor motor, the structure of this motor with a large air volume, high wind speed, long service life and other advantages, we also could supply air blower according to customer's requirements to install explosion-proof motor.

How to install this Cold room cooling unit

1, At least 300MM distance from the cold insulation board, which is conducive to 

cold air circulation and facilitate future maintenance.


2, Set the U-shaped return bend to facilitate the return of cold oil to

compressor refrigerator.


3, Outlet pipe to set the U-shaped bend to form a liquid seal, to avoid air circulation 

inside and outside the library.

Advantages of Cold room cooling unit:

1, Using food grade stainless steel, no rust.


2, Well-designed to ensure the cooling capacity of this unit.


3, Decontamination, to ensure system cleanliness.


4, All products shipped with nitrogen package, the use of more confidence.

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