DJ Series Evaporator

DJ Series Evaporator

Varied evaporators for cold storage
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Product Details

Vrcooler is a privately owned high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and installation of freezer and cold room. It mainly devotes itself to the development of high-quality refrigerating equipment and the combination of cold storage, air-conditioning engineering and related peripheral products. It absorbs advanced technologies in the industry and focuses on technology research and development. Processing, industrial refrigeration, fruits and vegetables, edible fungus cultivation, air conditioning and refrigeration preservation has 20 years of practical experience. Products are widely used in: hotels, supermarkets, food, seafood, fruit and vegetable, tea, flower wholesale and retailers, research, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, schools, chemical, biotechnology, industrial experiments, refrigerated transport, fishing vessels refrigerated fresh aquatic products.

Specification of DD, DL, DJ series evaporator

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Our project: 


Fruit cold room

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Meat cold storage

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Vegetable cold room

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Large cold storage