Evaporator Unit Refrigeration

Evaporator Unit Refrigeration

Evaporator unit refrigeration Use in Supermarket, Hypermarket, Hotels, Petrol Station and Smaller Cold Room.
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VRcooler evaporator unit refrigeration general features

The coil is designed with the latest intelligent circuit. It allows the maximum mass flow of refrigerants

It is evenly distributed throughout the evaporator to maximize the efficiency of the coil, thus providing higher efficiency and capacity and smaller physical unit coolers size.

Copper tube The inner grooved tube has been added to the interior surface of the coil has a low oil film coefficient, which provides higher efficiency and capacity.

The fins are produced by the advanced aluminum and the double sine wave form and the corrugated fin on the edge to provide higher heat transfer efficiency.

Casing According to the standard, the high quality powder coated aluminum is used in the casing. Center built in plate to improve the air side performance and structural strength of 2 or more models


Defrosting is made by electrical sheath, stainless steel heater elements, molded insulation connection and ultra-low temperature silica conductor (rated temperature -80 degrees), to ensure effective thawing and durability. The defrosting water leads to the drainage of all points through a central outlet.

All models of the fan motor used are high quality German motor, with a thermistor motor protection device, in line with the DIN 40050 safety standards. The fan motor is the highest quality product in the industry to ensure the long life and durability of high temperature and low temperature applications.

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