Glycol Heat Exchanger

Glycol Heat Exchanger

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These closed-loop air cooling systems based on water/ethylene glycol are ideal solutions for processes that can operate at temperatures higher than ambient air at least 5-10 degrees F (3-5 degrees C). Because they are high-efficiency induced draft fans, made of high-quality copper tubes and aluminum fins, can effectively discharge heat into the air. Customized non-ferrous metal and corrosion resistant fin and pipe options, as well as various or custom fan options, are applicable to any environment.


The closed-loop operation of VRCOOLERTECH will never allow pollutants to enter the system, thus reducing downtime, prolonging the service life of the system and minimizing maintenance costs. These mid-range temperature coolers can be added with inhibiting ethylene glycol or propylene glycol as antifreeze agent, eliminating the uniqueness of galvanized steel shell. Dimensions from 1 to 12 directly drive fans. Vertical and optional horizontal directions are suitable for all needs and ensure longer service life.

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